Given the importance of asset allocation for managing
investment risk and opportunity, Sector Logic teamed up
with American Strategic Capital to provide our clients
with tactical asset allocation strategies. Since 1988,
American Strategic Capital (ASC) has been developing,
enhancing and refining its forecasting and asset
allocation methodologies. Over the years, ASC has
carefully monitored its results to verify its findings.

Sector Logic’s goal is to provide our clients with
a disciplined investment approach that seeks to
participate in market gains during favorable market
environments, and preserve capital during difficult
market conditions.
Sector Logic believes asset allocation is one of the
most important determinants of returns for long-term
investors. Sector Logic uses three components to build
successful asset allocation recommendations. First,
we use investment insights gained from many years
of experience. Next, we gather and analyze enormous
amounts of global economic, financial, political, and
monetary and market sentiment data. Finally, our
scientific method is based upon evidence rather than
untested notions.

Only insights that are theoretically sound and empirically
tested are included in our asset allocation models. For
the past 19 years, Sector Logic’s investment research
affiliate, ASC, has accumulated a comprehensive array
of data and statistics, and has conducted extensive
research on the subject of asset allocation and market

Sector Logic’s disciplined investment approach strives
to achieve superior investment returns with lower than
average risk exposure. By systematically increasing
exposure to the most undervalued asset class, with
the highest potential return, we seek to significantly
increase your potential returns.

Sector Logic strives to enhance returns by successfully
pinpointing attractive investment opportunities,
and identifying untimely ones to avoid. We seek to
accomplish this objective by adding value in each of
the three key elements of investment management;
asset allocation, stock and bond sector composition
and individual security selection.
To construct each client’s portfolio, Sector Logic first creates overall asset allocation strategy based on expected asset class returns, probability of out-performance and risk measurements. Tactical decisions to increase or decrease stock, bond or cash exposure, relative to a target, are driven by our proprietary models. Our systematic valuation based approach is designed to identify compelling investment situations that are likely to enhance expected returns or reduce downside risks.
Sector Logic's asset allocation methodology is based
on research on Modern Portfolio Theory and Behavioral Finance. Sector Logic analyzes a variety of factors,
including historical asset class performance,
diversification measurement, risk/return relationships,
correlation measurements and more to develop an
overall allocation between stocks, bonds and cash.
Sector Logic seeks to reduce portfolio risk through
tactical asset allocation. First, by combining assets that
do not move together, it is possible to reduce risk without
reducing returns. Second, by systematically reducing
exposure to the most overvalued asset class, with the
lowest potential return, we seek to significantly lower
risk while increasing our potential returns. Third, our
disciplined method effectively reduces the investment
risk associated with emotional biases that adversely
affect decision-making.

Please consider the charges, risks, expenses and investment objectives carefully before investing.
Please see Sector Logic's ADV Part II containing this and other information. Read it carefully before you invest.
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