Our investment approach uses a disciplined process that helps you identify your personal
investment goals. We employ a defined process for each critical step in the investment management cycle, including goal setting and risk tolerance evaluation, investment environment assessment, asset allocation modeling, industry sector allocation, individual security selection, monitoring and comprehensive reporting.


Our Investment Advisor Representative will meet with you to discuss your investment objectives and tolerance for risk. We realize every client has a unique set of investment requirements. Our investment process begins right there, gaining an understanding of where you are today, and where you want your investments to take you. We look at your tolerance for risk, tax considerations, investment time horizon, current and future income requirements and investment return objectives. We develop an investment plan specifically for you.
Sector Logic’s investment approach incorporates the best of both worlds. First, our investment strategy utilizes a top-down approach. We monitor and evaluate thousands of proprietary indicators in the five critical areas: economic, monetary, financial, political and market psychology. Our objective is to ascertain the expected return, and the probability of out-performance for each asset class. Second, we use a bottom-up approach to identify industries with superior business momentum. We believe the combination of these methods provide us with a distinct advantage.
To construct each client’s portfolio, Sector Logic first creates an overall asset allocation strategy based on expected asset class returns, probability of out-performance and risk measurements. Our tactical asset allocation decisions, to increase or decrease stock, bond or cash exposure, are driven by our proprietary tactical asset allocation models. Our disciplined valuation-based tactical asset allocation approach is designed to improve the probability of identifying asset class opportunities. By using our tactical asset allocation strategy, we seek to enhance expected returns and reduce downside risk.
We evaluate industry sectors based on company and industry fundamentals, and current market trends. Sector
Logic analyzes, evaluates and ranks approximately 100 industries on a weekly basis in order of potential for
price appreciation. We seek to identify industries with strong and improving business momentum. This includes
industries with strong and accelerating earnings growth, improving profitability and attractive valuations. We
believe these industries represent superior investment opportunities. By incorporating relative strength into our
methodology, we select holdings that are out-performing alternatives. We regularly rotate portfolio holdings as
new leaders emerge in response to changes in market and economic conditions.
After an analysis of capital market opportunities, we carefully review your investment alternatives and select
specific issues for your portfolio. These include individual stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange traded
funds (ETFs) or other investment vehicles. The mix and selection are determined by current capital market
opportunities and your individual objectives.
We are constantly evaluating our indicators and client portfolios. On an ongoing basis, your portfolio will be
monitored to insure it remains on track to achieve your investment goals and objectives. We communicate with
you on a regular basis, and provide you with a quarterly review of your portfolio.

Please consider the charges, risks, expenses and investment objectives carefully before investing.
Please see Sector Logic's ADV Part II containing this and other information. Read it carefully before you invest.
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