At Sector Logic®, we base our investment approach on the following beliefs:

It Is All About You.
Our investment philosophy and strategies are based on helping you achieve your long-term goals. We provide you peace of mind. We are constantly analyzing the financial markets, so you don’t have to. We are client focused and performance driven.

We Serve Only You.
Our compensation is derived solely from client fees. We receive no commissions, and our interests are perfectly aligned with yours. The result is complete objectivity, and a focus on your financial goals.

Sector Investing provides tremendous opportunities.
Rotation in industry sector leadership creates great potential for investment return. No industry performs well all the time. The leader in one year is often the underperformer a year or two later.

Scientific Approach is a must.
A scientific approach provides a unique advantage in the financial markets. Our scientific method is based upon evidence, rather than untested notions. Insights gained from decades of investment experience are put to empirical tests. We gather and analyze enormous amounts of global, economic, financial, political and monetary data. Only insights that are theoretically sound and empirically tested are included in our financial and econometric models.

Risk Management is a Key Component.
Sector Logic’s process focuses on risk control. We manage risk by employing sophisticated proprietary asset allocation, and industry selection tools. By avoiding assets and industry sectors that have a higher probability of poor performance, we considerably reduce the potential for downside risk.

Discipline is Important.
Discipline is crucial to consistent investment success. By using a scientific approach to investment management, we take discipline to the next level. Our quantitative framework enables us to adhere to the investment strategy under a wide variety of economic conditions. By employing our quantitative and objective models, we do not succumb to current “hype’ or short-term sentiment that might suggest this
time it is different.

Experience and Integrity Make the Process Work.
Successfully managing assets is a skill learned only after years of experience and training. Our investment professionals have an average of more than 17 years of investment experience. Many of our investment professionals have worked for major investment firms prior to opening their own firms and joining Sector Logic. They bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise that few organizations can match. Equally important are their unsurpassed reputations for integrity and concern for their clients. As such, they provide the basis for making the entire strategy work.

Please consider the charges, risks, expenses and investment objectives carefully before investing.
Please see Sector Logic's ADV Part II containing this and other information. Read it carefully before you invest.
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